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Dr. Colleen McCanis is a Licensed Border Collie who specializes in helping sheep overcome boundary issues. She advertises regularly on the talk radio station AM 520 -- Meadowfield's Big Bleater.

Dr. McCanis earned her Barkalaureate Degree in Herding and Gathering at Meadowfield Agricultural College. Upon completion of her undergraduate degree she took a year off from her schooling to marry her boyfriend Rex and raise a family. She then returned to academia and earned her Ph.D. in Sheepotherapy from Baa Ram University. Her doctoral dissertation was titled, "A Study of Continual Nipping Intervention as a Treatment for Obsessive Grazing Disorder".

Over the past fifteen years she has grown her practice to the point where she is now the most successful sheepotherapist in the city of Meadowfield. She has authored several books, including the national bestseller "The Grass is Always Greener When There's a Fence Around it". Eunice Home

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