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Lionel is an average lamb who really wants to know the truth about the Great Shepherd. He joined Meadowbig Mainstream Church because he thought he could find the truth there and maybe make some friends along the way.

Since he is average looking and thinks too much, the ewes don’t want to get to know him, and most of the handsome young rams are too busy trying to get the attention of the ewes to want to spend any time with Lionel.

What little "fellowsheep" Lionel does find is among the few other misfits hanging on at Meadowbig. These are the sheep who attend all the church functions deemed necessary to their spiritual growth, and still have plenty of extra time in the week to think.

Lionel is very inquisitive and loves to ask questions. Since he is average looking and lacks a good wardrobe, he is not considered a threat to anyone’s “mind share”, and thus is not even worth the mental energy required to play “spin doctor” with information. The other sheep are completely honest with Lionel because it simply isn’t worth the effort to be anything else. Lionel Home

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