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Sheepalonia is a nation of sheep whose constitution guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of religion. The citizens of Sheepalonia have unlimited access to bibles and information in general. They have the right to seek the truth, the resources to find it, and the right to share it, but few of them think any of these are worth their time.


This is a city of sheep where our story takes place. Its name is a contraction of two words that mean the same thing. This redundancy doesn’t bother the sheep, however, because real sheep love real estate. They spend most of their lives paying for it and maintaining it. Some actually get a little piece of it completely paid off before they die, or so the urban legends say. Meadowbig

Meadowbig Mainstream Church

Meadowbig Mainstream is a “Non-Denominational New Testament Bible Church”. This means that it is organized and run like any other church, but the professional staff wants people to think that it is somehow like the church of the First Century. This ensures a continual market share among the believing population of Meadowfield by implying a guarantee of biblical correctness, and by promoting a general fear and loathing of any church that is “non-mainstream”. Home

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