Episode 36:
Fast Forward
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Editorial Notes

So whatís up with this Webshepherd guy? I wait three weeks and all I get is this little two panel cartoon!

Well, letís just say that life is changing a little bit around our household. Itís hard to draw a full length quality cartoon while taking the crash course known as Baby 101. This class requires a lot of homework.

Iím a little over a week into this and already Iíve learned a few things. For example, for the first few days we had to make the baby a little uncomfortable so he would eat. Babies often lose about 10% of their birth weight within a day or two after they are born, and they need to get into the habit of eating so their digestive system will develop.

However, this baby preferred sleeping to eating. So, we had to wake him up by removing a layer of clothing. This caused him to cool down just enough to wake him up. Once he was awake, he wanted to eat.

Maybe there is a spiritual lesson in this. Maybe if our lives are made uncomfortable, itís because we need to consume spiritual nourishment. If our lives are completely comfortable everywhere, we prefer to spiritually snooze.

I also have found that no matter which stage of life I am in, whether a teenager, single, newly married, or new parent, I always seem to want the very best parts of the stages that came before, while leaving the worst of those stages in the past. I canít have everything.

Web Shepherd